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From: Pete Thompson

If you're anything like me when you see a big win from a racing punter you are impressed, maybe even jealous.

I mean, who doesn't want a lot of money from a small bet?

You probably think when people land these big multiple bets that they are simply "lucky".

I have to admit until recently I thought the same.

I assumed these kind of bets were for mug punters and simply made the bookies money.

In all my years as a tipster, I had never once tipped up a multiple bet!

In that time I've made good profits on single bets and just didn't see the point in betting any differently.

I'm a sceptical person, and stubborn.

However after all these years and reviewing my recent astonishing Lucky 15 test results I have to admit...

I was WRONG.

As my wife often tells me, I never admit I'm wrong!

This was a pivotal moment in the way I approached betting. A change that I will adapt for life.

The multiple bet I have been able to successfully exploit and make HUGE profits from is the Each Way Lucky 15 bet.

What is a Each Way Lucky 15 bet?

A Lucky 15 bet in horse racing is a multiple bet placed as one stake across 4 horses in separate races. It consists of the following bets

4 x Single Win Bets
6 x Double Bets
4 x Treble Bets
1 x 4-Fold

This is 15 separate bets in total combined in 1 stake.

The each way place part of the bet is an additional 15 bets as follows, this is usually for a horse to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd...

4 x Place Win Bets
6 x Double Place Bets
4 x Treble Place Bets
1 x 4-fold Place Bet

As a big each way betting fan the each-way Lucky 15 was a perfect fit for me.

It has the added bonus of giving profit when multiple horses place in the race, which is much easier than getting horses to win the race.

I was even more encouraged when I learnt many bookies will give you bonuses just for backing Lucky 15 bets.

Why Each Way Lucky 15 Bets Give YOU an Advantage

  • Huge Potential for BIG payouts
  • No need for 4/4 wins. You can profit off 1/4 wins or 3/4 horses placing 
  • Less Variance than Accumulators, meaning losing runs are shorter 
  • Many Bookies offer Extra Each Way Places which helps increase profits
  • Compounding Value in Odds results in a bigger profit margin than single bets
  • Bookies will often reward you with bonuses for placing Lucky 15 bets
  • Less chance of accounts being restricted by bookies compared to single bets

What I also researched was the mathematics of multiple bets.

Being a racing nerd I was interested in whether Each Way Lucky 15 bets has some merit beyond just making the bookies money.

The interesting thing is...

Multiple bets can either be your BEST Friend or your WORST Enemy!

The bad multiple bets, no doubt the ones you've seen on popular betting websites are terrible because as soon as you multiple more than 1 bad value bet, you get a stinker of a bet.

This is why if you've placed doubles, trebles, accumulators or Lucky 15's based on tips with no value in the odds you will not have been successful yet.

The Key to Being Successful at Lucky 15 bets is EVERY bet must be at Value Odds

The bad accumulators, doubles, trebles, Lucky 15 etc are only bad because they do not have any value in the odds.

Let me show you an example of how a poor value selection of 4 horses will only make your bookie rich.

Example: What NOT to do When Placing A Multiple Bet

  • Choose 4 horses randomly with no value in the odds 
  • Following rubbish free tipster sites who just make up the bets

The last thing I want you to do is give your hard earned money to the bookies.

So when placing multiples ensure all bets are solid and well researched and all have value odds.

Here is the danger of how a poor value Lucky 15 bet works in the bookie's favour

Horse 1 - Bookie Takes 10% margin (90%)
Horse 2 - Bookie Takes 10% margin (90%)
Horse 3 - Bookie Takes 10% margin (90%)
Horse 4 - Bookie Takes 10% margin (90%)

In the above example the bookie has deliberately priced horses 10% lower than their actually chance of winning.

If we bet on poor value odds horses we will lose in the long term.

On poor value single bets we would lose on average 10% per bet, that's £10 per £100 we bet.

However on a multiple bet its much worse as the bookies margin is increased from 10% to 34.39%. (90%x90%x90%x90% = 65.61%)

Therefore we would lose 34.39% of our stakes on average. That's £34.39 per £100 bet on multiples.

Please don't worry about understanding the mathematics above it's not important.

To profit with my Racing Multiplier method, you need just 5 minutes a day to bet on 4 horses I will choose for you.

That's it.

With the Racing Multiplier you will finally stop giving the bookies your hard earned money and put the odds in your favour.

Here's another quick example to show you how your edge/profit can be far greater if you choose to bet on odds of value in your multiple bet...

Correct Example: What TO DO to do When Placing A Multiple Bet

  • Choose 4 value odds horses
  • Follow a reputable tipster site who can give you horse tips at value odds.

To bet successful on multiple bets its vital each horse is bet at value odds this way we will multiply our edge over the bookie.

By "value odds" I simply mean the horse has a better chance of winning than the odds imply.

Here is how a value Lucky 15 bet works.

Horse 1 - Odds have an edge over bookie of 10% margin (110%)
Horse 2 - Odds have an edge over bookie of 10% margin (110%)
Horse 3 - Odds have an edge over bookie of 10% margin (110%)
Horse 4 - Odds have an edge over bookie of 10% margin (110%)

In the above example we have found horses we believe to be priced 10% below the actual chance each horse has of winning we therefore have a 10% margin over the bookies.

If we bet as singles we make £10 per £100 bet, totalling £40. That's a 10% ROI

However in a multibet the value is multiplied

110% x 110% x 110% x 110%

 = 146%

As you can see on a multibet rather than betting singles we have increased our ROI from 10% to 46% over the bookies!!

As you can see the profit difference is quite staggering for value bets compared to poor value odds bets that the bookies would rather you bet on.

I'm not going to lie to you, the bookies are very good at this game and this is no doubt why you keep struggling against them.

Quick Question...

Option 1.  Do you want to keep betting in the same way and let the bookies keep steadily taking your hard earned money?


Option 2.  Do you want to use a proven strategy to multiply your edge over the bookie and make a 19.7% profit with Each Way Lucky 15 bets?

So which option do you prefer? 

Personally I'm going to take option 2. 

Changing the way you bet is hard, even for me. We can get stuck in our ways.

But it's vital we stay ahead of the bookies and use the techniques that are working RIGHT NOW to walk away a winner.

The Racing Multiplier method exploits the mathematical fact that if we place value bets in an each way Lucky 15 bet we will make far more than we will with single bets.

To date, my new Racing Multiplier method has made £22,389

It is more promising than anything I have found in betting before and I'm excited about what my method can do for you.

It's no exaggeration to say it could change your life.

With Racing Multiplier we avoid the bets the bookie wants you to place.

They price many horses badly, and you simply can't win in the long term by backing them.

These can often be top horses ridden by the best jockeys, it doesn't matter if the price is wrong you'll lose in the end. 

The simple fact is if we beat the odds and get a value price...

We WILL Beat the Bookie Over the Long Term with Racing Multiplier


If the above is true...

Why is it nigh on impossible to profit on multiple bets??

And why do bookies seem to love pushing them??

Like I said multiple bets are either very good or very bad. If they are going wrong for you perhaps a few of the following reasons apply

  • You are choosing the wrong horses 
  • You are not getting a good enough value odds price
  • Rogue tipsters are wasting your time and money

If you have made any of the above common errors, let me reassure you...

It is NOT Your Fault

Beating the bookies is incredibly tough. 

Unfortunately with multiple bets there are so many ways you can potentially go wrong.

It's hard enough picking one winner! To set up a successful multiple bet takes serious time and effort. 

The way the bookies set their odds can also throw off your bets.

You have to be really careful that you are getting a fair price for your bet, as no edge = no profit. 

Also it is so easy to make a mistake due to emotions.

It's easy to chance bets you haven't researched or chase losses when there aren't any good bets available.

However, the bookie isn't interested in any of this, and they will punish you if you don't bet objectively and sensibly.

To have any chance of success at beating the bookie with Lucky 15 bets it requires hard work, dedication and skill.

However, For the bookie to beat you its EASY. They simply allow an edge. 

Here is a REAL life example of how the bookie makes 20.1% out of punters whatever they bet on a race, this was the first race I looked at, its not unusual...

Skybet Have Priced up the Below Race with a 20.1% Edge in Their Favour

In the above example whichever horse wins Skybet wins as they have priced the race up at at 120.1%. 

That's a 20.1% overround on the race. Here is how it's broken down as the percentage chance of each horse winning.

This is due to all the 8 horses chance of winning adding up to 120.1% probability, rather than the true odds which would equal 100% probability.

Horse Name

Odds (Decimal)

Chance of Win (%)




She's Centimental



Ignac Lemar



Soaring Eagle






Miss Mai Tai



Raven's Up



Angelic Diva



Total = 120.1%

You see the bookie is always one step ahead of you.

They already have factored in a 20.1% margin in this race and they will have a profit margin built into every single race to ensure over the long term they CANT lose.

To have any chance of beating them you have to find your OWN edge.

To help you with this you need someone you can TRUST who will work out the best bets for you.

Who will show you how to take advantage of value odds and increase your edge further.

With Racing Multiplier I'm going to give you EVERYTHING you need to profit on Each Way Lucky 15 bets.

You Don't Need to Worry About Calculating Edges or Maths!

Please don't worry about getting the numbers right, or understanding any of the mathematics I've discussed.

With Racing Multiplier EVERYTHING is done for you and gives you a 19.7% edge over the bookies.

Also we have had no long losing runs to date and make money on 33% of our Lucky 15 bets.

I just need 5 minutes of your time per day, so I can pass on the four horses you need to bet.

These will be the four horses of the apocalypse for the bookies (I'll get my coat!), who dread punters getting one over them.

Racing Multiplier is finally here to help YOU and to change the way you bet for the better.

This method is brand new, rock solid and super simple.

It will only take you 5 mins a day to profit with the method.

No experience of Horse Racing is required to follow.

You will find Racing Multiplier so good it will feel like you have a cheat code!

This is How EASY it is to Use Racing Multiplier...


Open Email. We will send consistent winning horse racing tips via email.


Place the Four Tips we Recommend on Tip Days. Tips are given with clear instructions on what to bet and what odds are available. You place just 4 bets as an each way Lucky 15 bet at your preferred bookie on a tip day.


Win Big. Just by following our emails we expect your betting profits to grow by 19.7% and if the bets are successful you can either reinvest profits or cash out!

Why YOU Need Racing Multiplier

There are only two REAL ways to profit from betting.

You can either do tons of hard work and spend hours and hours analysing data to find the edge you need.

Or, you can find a betting expert who will tell you exactly what you need to do to be successful.

If you're like most of my customers I've helped it's not that you haven't tried to find a reliable expert, it's that most tipsters have let you down and have been useless.

Unfortunately for you a lot of people claim to be horse racing experts but are nothing of the sort. 

Even the top betting sites raking in millions have the audacity to give out terrible tips and poor advice for you to waste your hard-earned money on.

Often these tips are from journalists, social media "content creators" or ex-jockeys who don't have a clue about the mathematics of odds or making a profit from betting.

Sadly most online "tipsters" do not know what they are doing and think nothing of advising 1000s of people to bet on something they are clueless about.

With Racing Multiplier I want things to change.

It's time for YOU to win.

This is what Racing Multiplier gives you...

This is what Racing Multiplier Gives You...

Potential to Turn £10 a Point Bets into £2238

Start with just £10 a point stakes and potentially make £2238 or start with £100 a point stakes and potentially make £22,389

Huge ROI of 19.7%

An Incredible 19.7% profit margin has been achieved to date with our razor-sharp Racing Multiplier tips. 

33% of Bets Win!

Despite betting on Lucky 15 multiples we still profit on 33% of our bets. This is a healthy win rate helped by our cautious betting approach.

Lucky 15 Specialist Service

Racing Multiplier uses a clever Each Way Lucky 15 system to exploit value odds and gives HUGE rewards against the bookies. 

No Long Losing Runs

No long losing runs to date! By focusing on profit and value we ensure you walk away a winner. We are here to make you a profit, not your bookie.

Great Support

Great customer support with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and unlimited email assistance. 

Yes, but I've been let down before, why should I trust you??

I've been a professional tipster for 6 years and have been betting for 18 years.

My other betting service Each Way Tips is one of the bestselling horse racing tips services EVER.

I don't say this to brag, but to reassure you that you are in good hands.

With Racing Multiplier I've added a new specialist service that is working brilliantly right now.

It focuses on placing Each Way Lucky 15 bets. I choose 4 horses with a good chance of either winning or placing at value odds.

With my mathematical formula I'm able to stay one step of the bookies over the long term and it has made £22,389 to date.

If you want to bet on horse racing and potentially make both regular and occasionally HUGE potential profits then this is for YOU.

It's that simple.

Racing Multiplier couldn't be easier to follow.

Let me analyse the races and select the horses that I think will give you the best possible profits.

All you need to do is follow my email tips which will only take you around 5-10 minutes a day.

There isn't an easier way to bet on horse racing.

Fully tested since January 2023 you can be sure Racing Multiplier is on your side to deliver HUGE potential profits.

The 3 Rules of Racing Multiplier

I truly believe that Racing Multiplier will help you finally beat the bookies. The Racing Multiplier Lucky 15 system uses these 3 vital rules to ensure success for anyone who follows.


Use Each Way Lucky 15 Bets

The number one rule of our system is that we put our 4 chosen horses for the day in an each way lucky 15 bet. This simple approach gives strong and consistent rewards and our profit rate proves that betting on multiple horses in a Lucky 15 works. We have made £22,389 profit on our Lucky 15 bets to date.


Bet at Value Odds

Its extremely important that we get value odds in our Lucky 15 bets. It's more important than with single bets. The upside is, if we get it right we can make a lot of money. I carefully look at each race I bet on and work out the best value odds bets each day for Racing Multiplier. Our system is so effective we it has made a HUGE 19.7% profit margin over the bookies.


Follow the Form

I don't like taking unnecessary risks. Each Horse is selected based on studying previous form. Rather than speculate on unproven horses, I focus on backing horses I strongly believe will either win or place in a race. This approach helps us maintain a healthy 40% win rate on our Lucky 15 bets.

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Pete Thompson


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